Mary Katherine Williams is a true southern girl. Born in the piedmonts of South Carolina and raised in the hills of Tennessee, she lives and sings tones of the deep south. Influenced at a young age by legends such as Dolly Parton and Bonnie Raitt, Mary developed a unique style that blends sweet and soulful rhythms for a rich and bold sound that’s uniquely Mary Katherine Williams. Playing shows from the time she was six years old, Mary wowed audiences from coast to coast with her powerful voice and southern wit.

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As a young artist, Mary was most respected for her version of the National Anthem that brought Bridgestone Area to its feet during a sold out Nashville Predators game. It’s a moment she will never forget, and one that continues to motivate her American southern spirit.


Mary was raised in the south, and that’s where you’ll find her performing, at local fairs, events and radio shows. She likes to keep it downhome and promote her style of country right here in the south.

When she’s not spreading southern spirit on the stage, she’s writing new music and recording in the studio.  Mary Katherine is the real thing - a true southern talent!